Monday, September 13, 2010

a seasoned drink


I apologize for being away so long. I guess life, you know, the part that's not so funny, was happening. I got swept up in NOT finding the humour of a birthday, baby's surgery and a bad sickness.

I will say, you have all not missed too much. There has been nary a spotting of My Janitor and things have been really calm at work as we make way for fall.  I know he's been around, but our paths have not crossed in weeks. I know, because the dead grasshopper, which graced the stairwell landing for more than two months, was finally vacuumed up recently. I passed its dead carcass for so long that, when it was gone, I felt like a part of me had been sucked up too.

Leaves are falling fast now and I'm putting summer away. Today, instead of buying that Coffee Coolata (lol) from Dunkin Donuts, I went for the hot apple cider instead. The Coolata was the only thing that got me through my two week illness of strep throat. Well, OK, the love from my family and friends helped too. But dang. It was only a short bit ago that I was cursing that beverage as a choking hazard and then I found its medicinal purpose as a cure-all for strep throat. I'd like to believe that anyway. The way that frozen treat helped me then, this apple cider is sure to conquer all of my fears about starting a new season now.

Yes, fall will be an interesting time for sure. My child will begin school, and for the first time in her young life, she will be in the care of someone other than myself of a family member. And while it brings a mixed bag of emotions for me, I'm kind of jazzed that someone else will be told, "No!" for a change. Though I will admit, since she had her tonsils removed, her voice has risen what seems like several octaves, rendering her even more adorable. It's hard to get mad at her when she's throwing a temper tantrum and it sounds like kittens mewing. I bet that's how parents of primordial dwarfs feel. I bet they can never get angry at an 11 inch human being with a helium-drenched voice box.

Soon I'll be starting fall hours at work, which is also sure to leave me feeling out of sorts for a while. Arriving at work and coming home in the dark is no way to go through life. The only saving grace may be having consistent four-day work weeks. But the idea of sitting in that office for 10 hours a day is maddening too.  Especially since almost half of my office is dating each other. Yeah, that's right. They are all dating. Fucking weird, right? I imagine that they all arrive and go home together (now in the dark) and since this will be my first cold season working there, I can only imagine how many office couples will be curled up sipping hot apple ciders while I toil away for 10.

I'll keep you all posted.  It's good to be back.